Fix-it-up 2: World Tour

Fix-it-up 2: World Tour

Fix-it-up 2: World Tour is a game where you will buy and sell used cars
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Fix-it-up 2: World Tour is a time-management game where you will buy and sell used cars. Your responsibility is to buy used cars as cheap as you can and, after fixing, cleaning and painting them, sell them with as high a profit margin as you can. You will use the money you have made to expand your business all over the world. The game develops into a love triangle between Kate, Steve and Martin, and their struggle against an evil corporation that tries to put them out of business.

In order to give more value to your offers, you can also spend some money building new facilities and tuning up the cars to make them ecologically clean. It will be also necessary for you to search and hire for the best specialists, and to keep a good stock of spare parts.

The provided download link will let you download and install the Big Fish Game Manager that, when run, will download and install the real game from the developer’s site. The demo version of Fix-it-up 2 will let you play free for sixty minutes.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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